Are you looking for short distance movers in the Chicago, IL area? Melendez Moving is one of the most trusted Chicago household movers, providing the caring and professional services your move deserves.

Why Hire Professional Movers in Chicago?

Moving yourself is always a challenge. Packing and lifting an entire house full of precious belongings is physically exhausting, renting trucks and equipment is expensive, and relying on friends and family can be stressful for everyone.

Using Melendez Moving’s local relocation services offers these advantages:

  • Lighten your load. We can provide whatever level of service you need, from a moving truck and strong arms to load it, to a full service move where we do the packing for you.
  • Professional movers get you out of tight corners. Wondering how your furniture is ever going to get back down the narrow stairwell? We are experienced in all types of environments and can maneuver or disassemble your big items.
  • Insured if something goes wrong. While we pride ourselves on handling your items with the utmost care and respect, should something be broken in transit, trusted moving companies have insurance available.
  • Fast and reliable. If you have never worked with our residential movers in Chicago, IL, you will be amazed at how fast and effective moving services can be with the right equipment and expertise. We show up on time and ready to navigate any obstacle.
  • We have the right stuff. There are all sorts of moving equipment and tools that just wouldn’t be practical for you to purchase for a single move. We have the dollies, hoists, and protective materials needed to move everything safely from start to finish.

Trust Melendez for Your Next Moving Experience

Our customer reviews tell the true story of our care and dedication to your successful move. We are your trusted local movers with 18 years of service to the Chicago area. As a family-focused and family-owned Chicago moving company, we strive to provide unmatched customer service and attention to detail throughout your moving process.

Melendez Moving offers these services other Chicago moving companies can’t match:

  • Packing services. Save yourself days or weeks by having our team professionally pack your items, then place
    them in specific rooms or carefully unpack them for you.
  • Loading and unloading. Pack your own items safely with our packing supplies and let us handle the loading up
    and unloading the truck at your new location.
  • Chicago driving experts. Short distance or long distance home moves are a breeze with our professional crew
    to handle the Chicago traffic.
  • Flexible scheduling. We provide emergency moves, mini moves, unoccupied moves, after-hours moving, and remote
    moving services to fit your schedule and unique needs.
  • Combining multiple residences. If your extended family or coworkers need to move together, we can accommodate
    all the specifics and additional planning necessary for packing, pickup, transport, and delivery of several
    homes at once.
  • Complete protection for your residences. We practice complete floor, stair, and bannister protection as part
    of our best practice moving techniques. Avoid scuffs and damage to your old home or your new residence
    during moving.
  • Appliance and specialty moving services. Some short distance moving companies might refuse smaller jobs, but
    we are happy to help you move those awkward items with an available hoist if necessary:

    • Pool tables
    • Refrigerators
    • Hot tubs
    • Antiques
    • Pianos
  • Material delivery and debris removal. Sometimes all you need is a big delivery managed or a load of debris
    removed from your property. Melendez is the local moving company that handles every complication of moving.

We Look Forward to Moving With You

We know how stressful moving can be without the right residential movers ready to help. Change your perceptions of what moving can be and experience a smooth and trouble-free move the next time you relocate.

We pride ourselves on offering the best moving experience possible to each and every customer. Give us a call today to find out why your new neighbors in Chicago swear by our service and sound reputation.